Thursday, April 29, 2010

Another one bites the dust -

Even though Saturday was possibly the worst day of Holly's life as she road the emotional rollercoaster of quilting, it all turned out okay because Holly is now going to quilt her own quilt! Yes, its true. And, to make matters even more rosey, she's going to be artistic - outline flowers, make circles, and just be creative. She certainly has turned this lemon into lemonade. Congratulations, Holly!


  1. Holly, I liked your idea of quilting the top two layers with black thread around the flowers then following the squares in the ditch through all of the layers in white. That way the front and the back will both "pop" without looking messy. A little more work, but you could always do the stitch-in-the ditch part with your machine.

  2. exactly- i am glad you agree!!! i will keep you posted!



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