Thursday, March 11, 2010

Label Woes!

Picked up my quilt from Quilt Play on Tuesday. It looks grand! She used silver thread, which was quite troublesome. But she persevered! Unfortunately, when she gave the quilt a final press, the ink on my quilt label ran and smeared - most of it is not even legible! The quilter offered to make me another label that's embroidered. Very nice! And I will take her up on it.

Now I just have to decide two things: how to attach the new label over the old one now that all the quilting is done. And how to get the rest of the ink out so that it won't continue to run and bleed all over the finished quilt the first time I wash it.

After talking it over with Michelle and Holly today, I've decided to try a damp washcloth first. Then a washcloth with saturated with a stain or laundry prewash product if plain water doesn't work. Holly thought it was that I have an ink jet printer rather than a laser.

Label makers, Beware!

1 comment:

  1. totally freaking me out since I wanted to put a label on the baby quilt!



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