Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Progress Update Pictures

So here's a picture of my progress (click to enlarge). The quilt is tied and trimmed now. I started on the binding over break, which didn't go so well. I followed the directions on a YouTube video which instructed to sew the binding to the front, miter the corners, flip to the back and pin, then stitch in the ditch from the front. Everything seemed to be going ok up until the stitch in the ditch part. Turns out it's difficult to see through fabric...the front looks good but the back is a mess. There are sections where I didn't catch the binding and other places where the stitches cought too much of the binding. Pinning didn't seem to help keep everything lined up. So now I have to rip out the last seam and redo it. I'm hoping I didn't ruin the satin ribbon because I'd hate to start the binding all the way over. But, on the bright side, as long as you don't turn it over it looks great! Sometimes you just have to laugh.

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