Monday, August 31, 2009

Week 2 - Cutting

Before we start cutting, did you decide if you want to wash/or not wash? It's personal choice. Some people prefer to wash and dry their fabrics before the cutting and sewing just in case a fabric bleeds. This would be the safest option.

If you do wash your fabric, one of the nice ladies at the Grayslake quilt shop suggested that you might also want to spray starch the fabric to crisp it up, ready for cutting.

If you decide to not wash, that's fine too.

Now that that's decided, we're ready to start cutting. Remember, iron all your fabric, and, keep your fingers out of the way.

In case you need more help with cutting, or, just need a review, check out this blog entry. Remember, the measurements are not the same as our quilt but the technique is.


  1. Sweet washer image MC! You are so clever! I decided not to wash... i hope to not regret it...



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