Friday, August 21, 2009

First Meeting

Today, we had our first meeting! Although some of our group are nervous and uncertain, everyone gathered together to cheer one another on towards each person's goal -- to create a quilt.

I've created this blog so we can all connect with our progress - it'll be so fun! Really! I've invited everyone to be members - so, take pictures, show us your progress! Write entries - let's share our progress! If you need help with blogger, just let me know.

During the next two weeks, you'll need to gather supplies including fabric, rotary cutters, etc. Remember, you can check here for a list. Members also agreed to share materials when possible.
Good places to look for fabric were suggested. They include: -- check the supplies category and search for "quilt fabric", the fabric store in downtown Grayslake, and the fabric store in downtown Crystal Lake.

Certainly, you can purchase material from chain stores like Joanne Fabrics. Please remember that the cotton is a looser weave than traditional quilting materials and may have a larger shrink percentage, bleeding dyes when washed, and may not age as well as a quilt made with a higher weave. (Frankly, its better to use quilt fabric.)

I will make copies of the pattern, Yellow Brick Road, and deliver them to you all. (Or, those of you who want to make this pattern.)

Our next meeting will be on Tuesday, 10:30 a.m., September 1st. I'll send out calendar invites. In order for everyone to get a chance to attend a meeting, we'll spread them out during the week. Also, we agreed to have two weekends between meetings so that we'd have more times between actions.
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My fabrics are in the picture above. I want to make a lap quilt - just for the sewing room! lol
Share a picture(s) of your fabrics! Write a post!


  1. I wanted to let everyone know that JoAnn Fabrics has their rotary cutters 30% off this weekend. (Mats are on sale as well.)

    I am getting a little less nervous and more excited! I need to shake my HomeEc jitters haahha!

    Thanks,. Michelle! This will be fun!

  2. I'm looking forward to it! I think I have all my fabric...but I'll probably still be on the lookout until we start cutting. Can't wait till the next meeting.

  3. Another bargain moment .. Jo-Ann's has 1 day left on the sale! (ends Tuesday)
    Rotary cutter $10.79
    Fiskar's cutting mat 18x24 $13.79

  4. I went along Julie and Holly to get their fabric, it was so fun! How are the rest of you doing?

    I cut all my fabric so I can show you the next steps! Woot!

  5. I think I will just have fun watching everyone and learning without the stress of doing a quilt this semester. Next semester will work better for me. Although I hope I can still sit in on many of your meetings.

    I can't believe how many talented people I work with. I learn so much from all of you.

  6. It doesn't matter if you make a quilt or not - join in the fun!

  7. I believe we all could have fun doing almost anything! :-)



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