Sunday, August 30, 2009

My fat quarters

I went to the quilt shop in Grayslake. I think it was hard because I didn't have too much of an idea. But the ladies were nice and encouraging. And this is what I got. I know that it looks a little boring. But the finished product is going to go on the bedspread you see in the picture - which is just plain taupe!!! I also attached a picture of the entire bed with the wall hanging above it. We are kind of going with a nautical theme. Also I saw the Quilting 101 book in the used bookstore - thought that I could use all the help that I can get!


  1. i think the fabrics are going to go great, and I bet, once you get it together, it won't be boring to your eyes at all. What size are you making?

  2. Love your colors & patterns...and your pretty room! Any suggestions for mine? Perhaps a quilt?



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